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As you search for high-quality huacaya or suri alpacas, let us show you the colors, the pedigrees, the personalities and the gorgeous fleeces produced by our herd.  learn more…

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About A and A Alpacas

Our mission to raise healthy, top-quality alpacas with excellent conformation and positive fleece attributes has been highly successful and financially rewarding for almost 20 years.  We welcome the opportunity to share our experience with you.  Our pledge to provide continuous support and mentorship is always in force to protect your investment. 
Whether it is at home or business, our philosophy is firmly centered on core beliefs of fair and ethical behavior with our customers, our animals, our friends and our family.  We strive to be the very best we can be every day of our lives and to never stop growing and improving.
A and A Alpacas is a family-owned alpaca farm.  Arlin and Amy make most of the day-to-day managerial decisions but Adam, Austin and Alexa provide support as well.
Established in 1998, A and A Alpacas is home 160+ Peruvian and Bolivian alpacas with proven, high-quality bloodlines from all over the world.  We have Huacaya and Suri breed types of all colors and continually strive for deliberate improvement.