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Dyeing with Wild Goldenrod

Using Wild Goldenrod as a fiber Dye I truly love using wild, natural plants for dye. Experimenting with common pasture plants can be so rewarding, especially if it’s a brand new adventure with plant material you have never used to dye with before. Yes, it is easier to purchase commercial dyes but where is [...]

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Hand-Spinning from a Cloud

As a beginning hand-spinner, most of us learned to spin from roving.  As a general rule, roving is easier to control and much easier to draft.  As a new spinner, there are tons of things to remember all at once and the learning curve can be overwhelming.  That's precisely why roving is easier for most [...]

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Roving for Hand-Spinning

Great care is taken to ensure the best hand-spinning experience possible with our roving and cloud. Our best fleeces are hand selected for uniformity and softness then professionally skirted to remove second cuts, shorter fibers and naturally occurring pasture impurities. Each fleece is commercially processed right here at A and A Alpacas to remove small pieces [...]

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Second Sock Syndrome…. whipped!

Like so many others, I love to knit and crochet. As a very young child I watched my Grandmother Aimee crochet the most amazing lace with so little effort. I never saw her referencing a pattern while she crocheted. She was also so patient and understanding while I watched and asked questions. That is how [...]

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Wow! Rug Yarn!

Hand-spinning my own yarn is a passion. But I also have a large configuration of fiber-processing equipment for the "instant gratification" side of me. I recently purchased a rug yarn attachment for the large carder and am thrilled with the new rug yarns being produced!  More news to follow very soon on this topic!

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