We Have the Most Wonderful Farm Visitors!

At the end of each day I can honestly say we have some of the coolest farm visitors on earth! During the daylight hours we have farm visitors that want to see alpacas and learn all things surrounding alpaca ownership. But the human farm visitors are only one piece of our lives. The spots [...]

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Photobombed. Again.

Back in the day, I used to pride myself with photography and camera skills.  I practiced taking hundreds of photographs of leaves, trees, sunrises and sunsets, clouds and anything else that would stand still long enough for a photograph.  It was easy.  And it was fun.  Then I bought alpacas and the fun really began! [...]

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Another Gorgeous Sunrise!

I was awakened early this morning by the gentle rustling of tree limbs shuttering in the cold wind.  I shuffled my way into the kitchen and touched the brew button on the coffee maker then made my way into the darkness to find the television remote. It seems as though I repeat this early morning [...]

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The Farm “Cloaking Device” is Implemented

Living in the country can be such a hoot for animal lovers!  My alpacas provide 99% of my daily ration of entertainment but the antics of the feral cats simply warm my heart over and over again. Not long ago, we had a mysterious visitor that caused quite a stir.  Not only did it strut [...]

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