I’ve lost both my parents, grandparents, family members and a number of dear friends over the years but January 6 of this year ranked right up there with one of the worst days of my entire life. Our beloved 17-year old Siamese cat had to take her last trip to the vet’s office due to renal failure that could not be corrected.  AllspiceWe worked closely with our wonderful vet for several weeks to diagnose the problem and to extend her life if at all possible, giving her every possible chance for recovery. But she was failing fast and it became obvious that we had to help her over the rainbow’s beautiful bridge.

My husband sat in my Expedition holding her and comforting her while I drove, choking back tears and fighting to keep my throat from closing. I don’t even remember driving the 20 miles to Dr. Lane’s office.

It’s so hard not seeing her or holding her any longer but I’m grateful to know she isn’t suffering any longer. She’s in a far better place today so I’m determined to rejoice for her and stay focused on 17 years of unconditional love shared with this incredible cat. She’ll always be missed but will never be forgotten.