As with any new skill, once you learn the basics of knitting or crochet it’s really important to practice those newly acquired skills in order to gain speed and confidence and to learn more advanced stitches that will broaden the scope of products you make.  It isn’t impossible at all for beginners to move quickly to scarves, cowls, sock hats, shawls and sweaters.  Have faith in yourself! Grab some yarn, your favorite knitting needles or crochet hook and have fun while you practice!

A and A Alpacas washcloth3

Typically beginners start the journey by making some type of scarf or cowl. Both are an easy way to practice beginning stitches. But even the most basic scarf and cowl patterns require a commitment of time due to the size of the project and it can be frustrating if mistakes are made that require pulling out stitches to rework rows of incorrect stitches.

I am a great believer in “quick and easy” projects for beginners. Easy projects build confidence and unparalleled levels of instant gratification. Plus, small and easy projects are not so defeating if mistakes are made and stitches have to be pulled back in order to make corrections. I cannot tell you how many beginners become frustrated and totally give up because they make a mistake and become paralyzed when corrections are necessary.

A and A Alpacas washcloth4Why not knit or crochet a bath washcloth or kitchen dishcloth as your first project? They do not require complicated stitches or long time commitments and if you make a mistake, who cares? You can back out any incorrect stitches and start over or leave them and learn from them. They do not require perfection. The choice is yours since most of us never plan to wear them in public like a scarf for others to see and critique.

Whether you knit or crochet, there are literally hundreds of patterns online for washcloths and dishcloths. You can use any yarn whatsoever except it’s good to know that most wool yarns will felt when exposed to soap, agitation and hot water. One of the absolute best yarns to use is cotton. It is inexpensive and comes in an endless variety of colors. Even better, cotton products tend to get more and more soft with use making it a perfect yarn for small beginner projects like washcloths or kitchen dishcloths. Even experienced knitters and crocheters enjoy making them and like the instant gratification rewards. Once you build confidence by making an array of washcloths or kitchen dishcloths, consider making some placemats for your dining table. Again, they are small and easy projects with the yarn of your choice and they build confidence. Always have fun and enjoy learning!