Back in the day, I used to pride myself with photography and camera skills.  I practiced taking hundreds of photographs of leaves, trees, sunrises and sunsets, clouds and anything else that would stand still long enough for a photograph.  It was easy.  And it was fun.  Then I bought alpacas and the fun really began!

Alpacas honestly remind me of cats in so many ways.  They are sweet, docile and intelligent animals.  But they have a sense of humor too.  Just try taking photographs of them out in their pasture and the antics begin.  They are curious enough that they want   to understand what you are doing.  They walk over to talk to you.  They want to give you kisses.  They want to stand on the other side of where you want them to stand. Then when you finally get the right photograph and call it a wrap, you discover some other curious little one wanted to see what you were doing too.




Sometimes alpacas deliberately hide behind each other so they can pop up at the last second just before you click the shutter to capture the best photograph of the day.  Photobombed!


Sometimes when you are trying to get a really great shot of a newborn soaking up warm rays of sunshine on a chilly autumn afternoon, another baby walks over to check out the media frenzy.  Photobombed!

Sometimes it really is easier to photograph a room full of cats.