I had an awesome adventure in the fiber studio today! Although I have been commercially processing various fleece types and fibers for a very long time, I am always watching and listening for new ways to share my passion with others. In the process of creating meaningful and educational articles, I find fun new ways to see things also.

The blending room in the fiber studio is one of the first steps used in processing fiber or fleeces. The process opens up the staples of the fleece, helps begin removing any pasture impurities such as hay, grass and sand; and stages the fiber for the next level of commercial processing. It is also where many fleeces can be combined so that more than one fleece can be processed at a time.

Today I gathered a number of black alpaca fleeces that were perfectly matched and well suited for blending together.   For the first time, I am able to share the “inside story” of how the blending room works its magic.