Each year in March, Mark Loffhagen and his team spend three days shearing our alpacas and our customer’s alpacas.   It is a fantastic opportunity to see the fleeces and to learn how expert shearing is done. We welcome volunteers!

Shearing Dates for 2016 are March 22, 23 and 24.

Mark has been shearing our entire herd since our very first alpacas were purchased in 1997.  He cares about the safety of the alpacas but also cares about the workers and volunteers, making sure everyone on the shearing floor understands the process and his shearing methods before he begins shearing.    As a side note, the price for shearing has not changed since 1997.  He doesn’t charge booking fees, setup fees, mileage or anything extra in the way of shearing.  If any alpacas require teeth trimming, one of the team members does it professionally and charges a small fee for doing so.  We could not be more pleased with Mark and his team members!

All our friends and customers are most welcome to bring alpacas to our farm for shearing by Mark.  We set aside three full days in his schedule each year so that you have plenty of time to arrive, unload your alpacas and have them professionally shorn.  Just be sure to let us know in advance if you plan to join us.

If you have never seen an alpaca shorn, please enjoy the video!  We obviously trust mark and feel he is simply the best.  The video shows our prized herdsire, A and A & MFI Quixotic being expertly shorn and his fleece being gathered as a show fleece.