We provide ongoing support and mentorship with every alpaca and fleece that we sell. As a customer or friend of our farm you can depend on more training, support and mentorship to help you deepen your skills, enhance your level of confidence and encourage you to continue learning.

We proudly support Paca This, a Facebook group that provides 24-hour support to alpaca owners from all over the world.  Paca This members created an Alpaca Mentorship Program that we support wholeheartedly with this pledge.

A and A Alpacas Mentor Paca This“Call On Me” Alpaca Mentorship Program

By Paca This

As a “Call On Me” Alpaca Mentor, this is my pledge to you:

As a mentor, I will always tell you the truth, even if it is bad news.

I am a person of integrity and honesty.

I am an ethical person in every way.

I am willing to help you regardless of where you purchased your alpacas.

If I am unable to answer your question(s), I will seek help to find the answer(s) for you.

I am not perfect, nor do I have all the answers. But I will make every effort possible to continue to learn so that I can properly manage my herd and continue to help others by sharing my knowledge. There is always so much new information becoming available. It is vital for us to be dedicated to continuing our education and to sharing the information with our alpaca community.

As a mentor, my goal is to be able to help you with alpaca and alpaca fiber-related questions or help you find a mentor in specific categories while I am learning too.

I will assist you by sharing names and contact information for veterinarians and medical assistance for your alpacas. I keep a current list of that contact information and will assist you during alpaca emergencies.

I have a good, basic working knowledge of alpaca medications, immunizations, first aid treatments, parasites (both internal and external), hay and pasture forage; cria delivery preparation and otherwise general herd maintenance.

As a mentor I will promote and educate the public on alpacas, alpaca farms and products derived from alpacas. I will support fiber artists and hand-spinners who use and produce end products from our alpaca fleeces and help promote endeavors that increase awareness of alpaca fiber and end products.

You are always welcomed to call me or e-mail me for opinions, sharing of knowledge and for “hands on” learning. As a mentor, I will always be there when you stumble, trip or fall. Call on me. Together we will learn, share our experiences and enjoy the benefits of alpaca ownership.