I am so blessed to have a grandchild in my life. Now that my own children are adults and they are enjoying their own lives and successes, it affords some very special time to spend with our grandson, watching his personality develop. It is sincerely an awesome experience and we cherish each moment spent with him.

Korbin spent time with us yesterday and enjoyed playing cars, singing songs and playing outdoor sports. When it was time for him to go home, he was worn out from the day’s activities and was sound asleep before my son could get him into his car seat for the drive home.

This morning I walked into the laundry room with a handful of kitchen towels to wash. As I opened the door on the washing machine, I found an unusual but very sweet surprise. My grandson’s little “sippie cup” was in the washing machine and it was still partially full of milk. It took me a moment to put two and two together then I laughed out loud! Korbin is only two years old but when dinner was completed last night, I guess he knew the little sippie cup should be washed.  Next week I will show him the dishwasher.